All of our courses are based on a maximum of 6 dogs with their handlers. Tuition includes advice on dog care, dangers to your pet and an introduction to canine body language so you can communicate better with your pet. Each full course is composed of eight one-and-a-half hour classes run over eight weeks.



Your puppy can learn all the basic behaviours from age nine weeks. He will learn to be sociable with people and other dogs, become accustomed to everything he will come across as an adult, thus avoiding problems for the future. You will learn to know and understand your puppy better: Basic care, the principles of learning, what is normal and what is not as well as which truly bad behaviours must be avoided. If you have young children, we will also teach them correct behaviour so they can avoid accidents such as being nipped or bitten (bite prevention).



You will learn the basics of the clicker method to educate your dog. Your dog will learn to be a good citizen through the sit, the down, recall, walking on a loose lead, ‘leave it/take it' with food and toys and the ‘sit to greet' .



We now move on to behaviour chains and shaping. Your dog will learn to do tricks and we will prepare you for level one of the Competency Assessment Programme (CAP). Introduction to K9 Multisport ® and preparation for other disciplines at your discretion.


The clicker method in all its glory and with all its possibilities. Following K9 Multisport ® you will continue to have fun with your dog while teaching him obedience, scenting, agility, shaping for shows, retrieve, heelwork to music/freestyle and other disciplines. You will participate in Team Clicker Challenge and develop your skills further in preparation for CAP 2.



You want to prepare your dog for the show ring? You want to teach him to run agility obstacles? Or perhaps improve your competition performance, go faster, hit the contact zones every time? We organise theme days and seminars – get in touch!!




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